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PostWysłany: Śro 6:48, 28 Mar 2007    Temat postu: News:online casino instant no deposit bonus

Hello good worck may frends

Spanning over a decade in Las Vegas, the film is the adaptation of Casino, the true-crime account of the lives of mob associates Frank Rosenthal (renamed Sam "Ace" Rothstein for the movie), Tony "The Ant" Spilotro (renamed Nicholas "Nicky" Santoro), Joseph Aiuppa (Remo Gaggi) and Frank Culotta (Frank Marino). Rothstein, Santoro and Marino narrate the film.

Ace is entrusted by the leaders of the Chicago Outfit, led by Gaggi from Chicago, Illinois, to manage a Las Vegas casino (the Tangiers) they have financed via the Teamsters' Pension Fund and send them skimmed profits. Ace's friend Nicky shows up later (he was first sent to Vegas by Gaggi to keep an eye on Ace and to, more or less, "protect" him) and starts working for himself. While Ace appears to be a kind-hearted gentleman, Nicky is the polar opposite: an amoral psychopath who will not hesitate to kill anyone he sees as a threat. In one scene, after Nicky is asked by Gaggi to protect Ace, Nicky stabs a man in the neck with a pen multiple times solely for insulting Ace then mocks the man's whimpers. His cruelty also comes to the surface at another point when he takes his anger out on the casino manager, Billy Sherbert (Don Rickles) and hits him in the face with a telephone, calling him a "Jew fuck". Ace's gangster side is also shown in a few scenes, especially in one where he spots two cheaters and has the s
ecurity guards brutally punish one of them by (Cheaters Justice) breaking his right hand with a hammer.

Sam and Ginger.Ace and Nicky's relationship meets its biggest test when a woman named Ginger McKenna (based on Geraldine McGee) comes into Ace's life. After dating for a few months they have a daughter and get married, Ace having insisted on having the child first to ensure Ginger's commitment to him. All seems well until Ace catches Ginger sneaking around with her old pimp boyfriend, Lester Diamond (based on Lenny Marmor). Ginger's relationship with Diamond goes back to when she was age 14. Ace and Nicky have their men beat Diamond, but it doesn't stop him. Ginger and Diamond eventually kidnap the daughter, Amy, and flee for Los Angeles, making plans to escape to Europe. However, Ace tracks them down and convinces Ginger to bring Amy back home.

Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro, Frank Vincent as Frank Marino, and Philip Suriano as Dominick Santoro.Though not satisfied, Ace accepts Ginger back inside the house, but that night, he catches Ginger speaking on the phone, asking someone to assassinate her husband. Furious, Ace hangs the phone up and literally throws her out of the house. She returns later on, but Ace has an even harder time accepting her back. His narration states that he allowed her back in the house particularly for being the mother of his daughter, someone whom he needed.

Now wanting to leave Rothstein with her money and Persian jewelry, Ginger seduces the one man who will help her: Nicky. They begin an affair, which could land them all killed by Gaggi (Nicky is a made-man, and sleeping with an associate's wife is against the made-man code). At one point, Gaggi asks Nicky's right-hand man, Frankie Marino, about the rumours of the affair, but Marino deliberately lies to Gaggi to protect Nicky, despite knowing that his discretion could get him killed too.

Nicky and Ginger have their argument.The breaking point occurs when Ace and Nicky have a falling out over Nicky's reckless criminal activities and the unwanted attention they receive from the police. Worried for his friend, Ace tries to convince Nicky to keep a lower profile, but he will not listen. It is only after Nicky threatens a stock market manager that Ace realizes Nicky's true goal: to take over the casino empire by overthrowing Remo Gaggi.

Ace returns home one night to find his daughter Amy tied to the bedposts - by Ginger. Ace then receives a call from Nicky, who claims that Ginger is at his restaurant with him. Furious upon realizing this, Ace rushes to the restaurant and confronts Ginger, warning her that should she ever abuse their daughter again, he will murder her. Ace forces her out, but she angrily goes back to the restaurant after they get home.

Ginger blames Nicky for the mess, while Nicky tells her it is she who is at fault. Ginger begs Nicky to kill Ace, but Nicky angrily refuses, having been Ace's best friend for 35 years. When Nicky tells Ginger that he won't be able to get her money now, Ginger attacks Nicky. Nicky then shows his brutal nature and mercilessly throws her out of the restaurant with help from Marino.

The next day, Ginger goes to Ace's home and demands that he give her the share of the money and her jewlery. When she arrives, she repeatedly smashes her car into Ace's car several times, prompting nearby neighbors to call the police. Ginger causes a scene in front of Ace's house and when the police arrive, she demands that they help her enter the house. Ace says he will permit her inside for a few moments to gather some clothes. Ginger sneaks into Ace's office and breaks into his desk, stealing the key to the safe deposit box where most of their cash is stored. At the bank, Ginger collects a large amount of cash from the box and drives off, where federal agents then follow and pull her over and she is arrested on charges of aiding and abetting.
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